We provide pharmaceutical companies with exciting and new analytical tools that reveal insights about safety, placebo, and response that lead to massive savings in time and money. Our system allows human clinical trial experts to inform the analysis through an interface that allows them to interact with high dimensional data like nothing else. We unpack the black box! 


At NetraMark Corp. we have built a system that utilizes a novel mathematical breakthrough to integrate the outputs of many machine learning algorithms including gradient boosting, random forests, neural networks, GANs, Quantum Computation and more. Further, we found a way that allows a human domain expert to interact with data in a new and powerful way. The impact of our approach is revealing itself in the pharmaceutical sector with ongoing projects in oncology, mood disorders, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's disease. 



Founded by Dr. Joseph Geraci, PhD in mathematical physics with postdocs in psychiatry, oncology, and AI.

The basis for the mathematical innovations that we offer come from the great chess player Gary Kasparov, who had a unique vantage from which to observe the fact that computers and humans could augment each other in extraordinary ways. 



In Partnerships with:

Creative Destruction Lab

Quantum Machine Learning Cohort, 2017


Ontario Brain Institute

ONtrepreneur, 2017


MaRS Discovery District

Health Cluster Venture , 2016